10 Tips to Keep Yourself Mentally Strong

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10 Tips to Keep Yourself Mentally Strong

In terms of instilling the values of mental toughness and work ethic, discipline is the gift that keeps on giving.

-William Baldwin


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10 Tips to Keep Yourself Mentally Strong


Everyone in his deep heart has an idea or thought regarding their future life, but all kinds of difficulties and obstacles are an inevitable situation on the way to success, what we should do is face to it bravely.[原:Unfortunately, not all things will under our control since the road will never be so smooth as we imagined.]Unfortunately, not all things are under our control since the road will never be as smooth as we (have) imagine(d) them to be. Fortunately,things will not be so hard to be resolved until we reached the destination if we can be stronger, no matter mentally or physically.

I posted an article days ago:内心强大的人不会做的13件事, people asked me that how can they be much stronger mentally. I believe that everyone has thought it before or cared about this question. But still, how to be stronger mentally?

I think the tips should be like the following:

👍 1.Firm Your Goal and Adjust It Always

For the persons who have their dreams should have an unbreakable faith no matter how tough the situation you are facing.You should do it if you believe that you are right; but you should adjust yourself if you did something wrong and confirm it if you did something not in a proper way.

👍 2.Modest but Prudent and Take It Easy

Be modest but never lose your personality; be natural but no lack of reasonability. Adapt yourself to everything whatever around you, and learn how to prioritise things and allocate your energy to resolve them.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.


👍 3.Calm and Low Profile but Open-Minded and Cheerful

Everything what happen should have reason itself, but we should look through the phenomenon and analysis its nature. Find out how should we face it and face all the unpleasant things with our open-minded thoughts.

👍 4.Sincere and Mature but Capable

Experiences will teach us how to deal with tough things and convey others, but sincere communication may help us to get a wider road. A peaceful heart will make our futures much easier.

👍 5.Appropriate Choices and Be Targeted

All meaningful things, we should try our best to help others if we don’t deviate our main target. Remember what should and clear your memories properly. Take the essences and discard the dregs.

👍 6.Accessible and Eager To Learn

Positive and hard-working, don’t lose all kinds of opportunities to make yourself stronger and be piety and awe towards knowledge. May Know everything in heaven above and the earth underneath. Even knowledgeable about history and current events and holds fact-based discussions, but still eager to learn.

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

👍 7.Detail-Oriented and Responsible For Your Actions

Found the changes around carefully and not only help others to improve, but also achieve themselves. Learn from mistakes and grow up. Full of future perspectives and responsible for your own actions, never afraid of setbacks.

👍 8.Humility and Natural Peace

No matter which position where you are you should look back the history and think about the future. Treat all the things peacefully and naturally even the normal people have their future.

👍 9.Demanding Perfection and Strict Self-Discipline

Forgive others’ mistakes and achieve your own perspectives, tolerate all the things which you can put off, try your best to help others. To discover your power even you lost a lot. Treat others with a tolerated mind and yourself stricter. Encourage and inspire others.

👍 10.Not Arrogant and Impatient but Calm and Open

Face it calmly no matter lose or success. No arrogance when success nor discouraged when lose, then you can reach the end.


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